The Common Mistakes


Please be advised that the bot works using a real android device now not an emulator as in this guide

  • Not having all unpacked files from the downloaded version from Running the bot from the .exe file without the rest of the files will give errors. (Sometimes antivirus software will falsely block a file)
  • Not excluding the bot’s folder from your Antivirus Software: We use Code and Libraries, that some virus scanners falsely flag or wish to remove (this is a false-positive).
  • Not installing the essential required software: To mentioned a example “Error messages about Tesseract failing.”, you must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable and Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5+ in order for the bot to run. ( most updated windows pc’s normally have this. All-in-one park from
  • Not installing the correct NoxPlayer version: Please use found here this is the recommended and only supported NoxPlayer Version.
    • ATTENTION: Do not just download any Nox version out there. There are some that can contain a Virus or Trojan while others will not work only download from our links or from
  • Not having a valid license key: If you need a new one or wish to renew one, go here:
  • If having any issues, try running as administrator: Both NoxPlayer and yourBOTler.exe
  • Not having the correct screen resolution and DPI:PC OS DPI needs to be 100% and your desktop screen resolution has to be at least 1366×768 and for those with 4K screens please verify the REAL/NATIVE screen resolution.
    • Go to this link here if you need help on setting the correct System DPI.
  • Closing the laptop lid: The bot works with images detection. Without the GPU generating pixels, the bot will not work.
  • Computer goes to sleep: The bot works with images detection. Without the GPU generation pixels, the bot will not work. You need to stop your computer from going to Sleep in your Power Options in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Not setting correctly the NoxPlayer Resolution to 1280×720: Please go to Nox settings and set the resolution to 1280×720 your screen needs to be able to fit a window that is bigger than 1280×720.
    • On small (1366 x 768) screens you will need to move/hide your windows taskbar and make sure Nox does a new resize
    • Resize Nox by switching to 800×600 and restart Nox, then switch back to 1280×720 while the taskbar is hidden or moved to the side.
  • Not having Windows Aero enabled: 
  • Nox Resolution not able to be automatically set by yourBOTler: NoxPlayer can have problems setting proper resolution on small displays.
    • @Anom1 I was using the right version of Nox and had this same problem. What solved the problem for me was switching display resolution from (1366 x 768) to (1920 x 1080)
    • @Anom2 I had an issue setting up my brothers yourBOTler and NoxPlayer all because of the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the page. Two fixes I found. Hide the Taskbar. Move the Taskbar to the right or left side of the screen. I was surprised it was having an issue cause it looked like it should fit but it actually didn’t
  • Not setting NOX and Marvel Contest of Champions to English: It is necessary to set NoxPlayer and Marvel Contest of Champions to English.
  • Renaming the files or folders: Don’t do this. The bot will give out errors if you do this.
How to ask for help

Messages likes “HELP PLEASE”, “IT DOES NOT WORK” or “FIX THIS” are absolutely useless, can easily be ignored and/or will be ignored. Making a good report with information will help us to help you. Include at least these things when requesting help:

  • Operating System/System Hardware
  • A screenshot with the bot next to the emulator (you may use this service to share screenshots)
  • Version of bot and version of emulator
  • detailed description of the problem, with
    • What the bot was trying to do when the problem occurred
    • What the bot’s log said when the problem occurred
    • Ideally, a picture of the error. Make sure the picture includes both the emulator and the bot with the error message showing.