How to use yourBOTler


1. Install QtScrcpy
  • QtScrcpy 1.14.0 are currently the only supported android mirroring clients.
  • Please make sure you use a 16×9 format resolution ( Nox -> 1280×720)
    • On small screens (like 1366×768) the windows taskbar needs to be (auto)hidden so that the client window does not autofit to a smaller size then 1280×720
  • Mcoc has issues with older versions of NoxPlayer: Only install the Recommended Versions
2. Install necessary software (Most likely not needed if your windows is updated)
  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) Download Here
  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or latest version Download Here
    • Win 10 includes v4.5 installed native.  Users experiencing crash issues due corrupt v.4.5 files may need to install .NET v4.62 Download Here
  • We recommend you try this Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One)
3. Start Bot
  • Make sure yourBOTler’s license key is valid, buy or renew it Here
  • It is Recommended that you move yourBOTler to a folder that is excluded from your AntiVirus Software Scans
  • Run yourBOTler.exe from the the excluded folder by double clicking its icon
  • Open/run android client and use the recommended settings
  • Click the “Start” button. If the bot prompts you, follow its directions.
  • Enjoy 🙂
Important Notices:
  1. This Arena bot is designed for use on accounts that have become uncollected and have at leased 12 heros and above
  2. Don’t move or leave your mouse cursor on android window while the bot is running.
  3. You must change your Sleep Settings to “Never Sleep” from Power Options.
    • Why? The bot will not work while your computer is asleep.
  4. DPI scaling must be 100%.
    • Here is a guide on how to change DPI.
  5. Aero must be Enabled for Background Mode to work.
  6. Must have at least Windows 7/10
    • yourBOTler doesn’t support Windows below 7, please upgrade your Operating System.
    • Some users have issues with .NET and C++ libraries that require complete removal of all old versions, and reinstall required versions.
  7. Must have MCOC set to English
Quick Help

Background Mode not working?

Aero Theme must be enabled

Bot Stuck on waiting for Main Screen?

Scale Display Setting:
Go to Control Panel-> Click Display-> Let me choose one scaling level for all displays-> 100%

Bot keeps restarting without finding the main game screen?

Android client may require manual setting resolution on some displays it may also need to be a true 16:9 format.

Bot is not Working/Recognizing my game after I leave my PC?

PC Power settings must be set to never sleep, no screen saver, or dim screen.

I don’t have any .exe file to run this bot, after I extract files?

this is most likely an Anti Virus software false positive.

You have to put the .exe file in your Anti Virus exception list.

(We recommend running the install again after putting it in your exception list.)

If you have other Problems or your problem was not solved?

Read Common Mistakes

Jump to our live Support chat with the required information (For Required info, read How to ask for Help from here)