How to fix: Tesseract failed


It can happen that, after you installed the MCOC bot yourBOTler you receive a tesseract error in the bot’s log.

The fix is not always simple and does not seem to be the same in all cases.

Below are the steps we recommend you try:

  1. Start by running the tesseract.exe located in yourBOTlers sub folder path >>yourBOTler folder<<\ocr\bin\tesseract\ ( this can help you find out more about your exact issue like what files are missing or has errors on your system.)
  2. Remove any type of Read-only status from all of the yourBOTler folders.
  3. Make sure your antivirus software is not blocking the bot or tesseract.exe from creating new files.
  4. Clear any type of windows cache and/or temp files.
  5. Make sure your Windows updates are up-to date. Manually installing all available Windows updates til date if needed.
  6. Often the issue comes from missing files that are part of Visual C++ Libraries (those you can update from microsoft one by one until the error goes away)
  7. After installing the (All-In-One) pack please restart your system to make sure it really is updated.

P.S.) Sometimes weird computer name’s or path’s including unusual chars like the hyphen can give issues. Change the path where you put the bot’s files or even changing your computer name from “MYNAME-PC” to “MYNAMEPC” may help.