How to ask for help


Two ways to get support goto live support chat or send an email to = support [at] yourBOTler .com

Messages like “HELP PLEASE”, “IT DOES NOT WORK” or “FIX THIS” are absolutely useless, may be ignored. Making a good report with information will help us to help you. Include at least these things when requesting help:

  • Operating System/System Hardware
  • A screenshot with the bot next to the emulator (you may use this service to share screenshots)
  • Version of bot, version of emulator and version of MCOC
  • The antivirus software you are using, if any
  • A detailed description of the problem, with
    • What the bot was trying to do when the problem occurred
    • What the bot’s log said when the problem occurred
    • Ideally, a picture of the error. Make sure the picture includes both the emulator and the bot with the error message showing.