How to fix: Tesseract failed

It can happen that, after you installed the MCOC bot yourBOTler you receive a tesseract error in the bot’s log. The fix is not always simple and does not seem to be the same in all cases. Below are the steps we recommend you try: Start by running the tesseract.exe located in yourBOTlers sub folder…
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Video: How to do the daily basic catalyst quests

Watch this video on YouTube

Video: How to fix the most common screen issue

Watch this video on YouTube

Video: How to fix the no active arenas found issue

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Video: How to turn off automatic app updates in NoxPlayer

How to: Turn off MCOC auto updating Watch this video on YouTube

Video: Bot Settings & Features

MCOC BOT: Settings and features overview (yourBOTler) Watch this video on YouTube

How To Install The Nox Emulator And Marvel Contest Of Champions

Step 1: First of all, you need to download Nox version or, you get a download link to this version with your purchase but its free so you can also find it here. Step 2: After downloading, open the downloaded Nox installer file to launch the setup wizard. Step 3: Click “Install” to start the…
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How to ask for help

Making a good report with information will help us to help you. Include at least these things when requesting help:

Recommended settings (NoxPlayer)

Download Nox version here or here Open systems settings in NoxPlayer Advanced settings Performance settings: CPU=1 and Memory= 2048+ (more of both if you have it) Startup settings: Tablet and resolution to 1280×720 Graphics rendering mode: Speed (DirectX) Also enable VT   Note: Give NoxPlayer more CPU resources and Ram if you have them…
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How to Change DPI to 100%

Instructions for Windows 10 Right click your desktop and click Display Settings 2. Click your first monitor, then drag the “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” slider ALL the way to the left.   3. If you have more than one display, repeat step 2, but instead of clicking the first monitor, click…
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The Common Mistakes

Not having all unpacked files from the downloaded version from Running the bot from the .exe file without the rest of the files will give errors. (Sometimes antivirus software will falsely block a file) Not excluding the bot’s folder from your Antivirus Software: We use Code and Libraries, that some virus scanners falsely flag or…
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How to use yourBOTler

1. Install NoxPlayer Nox Android Emulator Download Here Nox version, and are currently the only supported Android Emulator versions Please go to NoxPlayer settings and set the Resolution to 1280×720 On small screens (like 1366×768) the windows taskbar needs to be (auto)hidden so that Nox does not autofit to a smaller size then…
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