How do I download and install yourBOTler?

– Click here to learn about the yourBOTler.

Can I use Bluestacks, MEmu or a different version of Nox?

– No, you must use the recommended version of QtScrcpy or NoxPlayer.

Does my PC need to be on for the bot to run?

– Yes, something must power the game and the bot.

How do I use yourBOTler?

– You must download and install yourBOTler to a folder on your PC and then execute the yourBOTler exe and enter a valid license key.

Why is the bot slow to debug issues?

– Our bot runs 24/7, speed is not the priority when debugging.

How do I find my license key?

– Your license key is visible in the email you get after purchasing or on your account page.

When does my license key time start?

– Your license key time starts when you buy it.

When does my license key time stop?

– Your license key will expire after the paid amount of time.

Can I pause my license key?

– No, license keys cannot be paused once they have been registered.

Can I use my license key on multiple computers?

– No, you may only use your license key on one PC at a time.

How can I unbind my license key from a PC?

– Yes, you can unbind your license key from your account page allowing you to lock it to a new computer.

Can I run multiple bots on the same computer?

– No, yourBOTler is currently limited to one instance.

Can I get a free trial?

– No free trials are available.

Can I run this software on my Windows XP or MAC?

– No, our bot is made for Windows 7 or higher only.

Do I need to turn off my Anti Virus or Firewall?

– Only if you have issues starting the software or connecting to our server.