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Setting up QtScrcpy before using yourBOTler

  1. Update Bit rate to 10m (or a setting that works best for your setup)
  2. Change max size to the 16:9 display that is on your phone (in this example we used 1920 since we updated the display in abd shell

How to change configuration for android devices that are not using a 16:9 aspect ratio

Download SDK Platform Tools:

Once SDK Platform tools are downloaded, you need open a CMD window

1. Type in “ADB Shell”

If you get ADB error: ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command then do …

Setting up your Android device to work with QtScrcpy

Download QT:

Download yourBOTler:


Setting up your phone to work with QtScrcpy

You must enable USB debugging on your phone for the bot to work with QtScrcpy:

To enable Developer Options, open the Settings screen, scroll down to …

Video: Setting up yourBOTler with a real android device using QtScrcpy

A quick overview of how to get started with using yourBOTler with a real android device instead of an emulator, to use it your will need an android device that is setup to use a 16:9 screen resolution (list

Video: How to install MCoC on Nox (Android 5) using an APK file

Please be advised that the bot works using a real device not an emulator as in this guide

Simple guide showing how to get Marvel Contest of Champions on android 5 after Kabam has stopped support for android below 6, …

The Common Mistakes

Please be advised that the bot works using a real android device now not an emulator as in this guide

  • Not having all unpacked files from the downloaded version from Running the bot from the .exe file without the

How to use yourBOTler

1. Install QtScrcpy
  • QtScrcpy 1.14.0 are currently the only supported android mirroring clients.
  • Please make sure you use a 16×9 format resolution ( Nox -> 1280×720)
    • On small screens (like 1366×768) the windows taskbar needs to be (auto)hidden so that